All manner of things will be well.

Julian of Norwich

This blog is called R2030 because we cling to a hope that by 2030 the UK (and the world) will turn things around, leaving it a far better place than it was in 2020.

By 2030 there can be hope; hope that the US will be on a path to sane democracy, the environment will finally get the emergency attention it needs, divisions will heal, disease will be cured, and the UK will be Replan, Rethink, Reset, Rebuild and, ultimately, Rejoin.

This blog contains simple observations about the cause and effect of politics on the world we ordinary people live in. Although skeptical and blunt, this is a place of optimism, because only by acknowledging failures and calling out hypocrisy can we achieve success and honesty.

This blog highlights the reasons why change needs to happen by our millenium’s third decade, even as those reasons sprout from the sodden British earth and bud into full bloom in the fertile compost of British media.

In 2030 we trust.

Some people, yesterday