Fascism, the wolf in sheep’s clothing

How fascism creeps in

I drew this picture to illustrate how I see fascism creeping into the UK.

The wolly disguise represents emergency laws such as those preventing protests during a pandemic; laws which have no clause (claws?) in them about temporarity; these are parmenent law that conveniently stop people from gathering together to speak out. There is no reason to believe the laws will be repealed if there is no medical reason to keep them. The wolly coat is COVID protection; beneath it lies the Wolf – the beast of fascism.

Many hardcore Tories are wolves of this type; professing compassion and social values, yet beneath the wooly disguise is cruelty, greed and predjudice, and teeth that bare ferocious authority.

It is happening now. We are seeing a great rush of laws to prevent protest and public gatherings.

History shows that when such “emergency” powers are granted in law, there is never a hurry to repeal them at any later date. The powers are the teeth of the wolf. It won’t volunteer to have them removed. They’ll be clamped around the jaws of any opposition who tries to utter a word against it.

The wolly disguise could also represent concepts like protection, or patriotism, or pride. It’s all fake though, it’s all covering up the nature fo the beast.

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