Boris Johnson’s True Colours

True Colours
True Colours

In a rare slip of the (forked) tongue, among his cronies and cohorts, Johnson allowed himself to speak freely from his dark heart. He openly praised the Tory values of Greed and Corruption and gave those things credit for the rapid rollout of vaccines in the UK. (Failing of course to acknowledge the huge inernational scientific and logistic efforts involved, or the numerous British blunders along the way).

When realising his remarks may become public, he attempted to retract. But the mask had slipped. The capitalist, greedy prime minister confirmed who he really is. (As if confirmation were necessary, after spending £200k on doing up his flat, or £2.6m on a press briefing room – and don’t even get me started on the Festival of Brexit).

It is in these moments of comfort and privacy, though, when his guard is down, that Boris Johnson will damage himself. He’s become quite good at blustering his way through public scrutiny by simply talking bollocks. So, his downfall won’t happen in the House of Commons, it won’t happen at a podium, in a press conference, it won’t happen in a televised interview. His downfall won’t happen overnight.

His political demise will, I think, come about gradually, through a series of private blunders, leaked exposition of his true colours, emerging from things like party addresses or cabinet meetings. It could be that his former henchman Dominic Cummings kept all this in check, and that man’s departure has exposed a weakness of the blabber-mouthed PM.

One compares Johnson’s latest blunder to the open mic of Trump on his tour bus, or Brown in his car. True colours, unwittingly revealed. Sooner or later, leading politicians let slip their veneer and speak their true mind, expose their true self, and then, only at that moment, in response to that exposure of their true self, the people will judge.

With public appearances all theatrically staged and calculated, a leaked comment from a private meeting can be a magical thing.

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