A round up of Britain this week

Another shameful week for Britain

This week has left me feeling horrified, deeply worried and ashamed of being British. To show why, let’s have a quick round up of Britain’s activities this week.

  • The government increased our nuclear arsenal.
  • The government spent 2.6 million of taxpayers’ money on a shiny new briefing room for the Prime Minister, having last week claimed there was no money left for NHS nurses.
  • Women protesting against violence were violently assaulted and silenced by the State.
  • The government made it illegal to protest against anything, ever. (Up to 10 years in prison for shouting outside parliament).
  • The Foreign Secretary said it’s OK to trade with countries who violate human rights.
  • Prime Minister lied to parliament (again), broke ministerial code (again), and kept his job (again).

And we are all asleep.

One thought on “A round up of Britain this week

  1. Good grief! It’s as though Boris has unleashed his inner trumpie—and the enablers have joined the descent.

    We’re fighting hard here in the US to keep those forces at bay. It ain’t easy…

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