Fascism alarm bells are ringing

Definitely Not a Bully
Definitely Not a Bully

It is perhaps no accident that one of the most anti-immigration politicians in UK history, who happens to be of immigrant descent herself, has been given such a prominent role in government. Doing so enables a fascist agenda to be pursued with less accusations of racism. It’s like somebody saying I can’t possibly be racist because some of my best friends are black. How can anyone accuse a BAME lady of being racist or xenophobic?

But the Home Secretary’s words and actions speak for themselves. She described the Black Lives Matter protests as “dreadful”, after initially calling them “illegal”.

BLM shouldn’t take it personally; she hates protests and protestors of all kinds.

Patel has deep authoritarian tendencies and has now made clear she wants to retain the lockdown limitations on public protest, after any medical justification ceases to exist for discouraging crowds of people. This should be deeply troubling for anyone who values freedom of expression. Anyone, anywhere, who wishes to peacefully protest against anythying, will be criminalised. It really is that simple.

I can see an immediate motivation here: To stamp out any opposing presence to the upcoming Festival of Brexit. We face a situation where it’s made illegal to stand up against a public celebration of a government policy. One doesn’t need to be an accomplished historian to hear alarm bells ringing.

The Guardian says in this article, “There is growing concern that the government has used the pandemic to suffocate protest.”

Then again, in Priti Patel we are talking about somebody who claims she wanted the UK borders shut last March, in efforts to stop the spread of Covid, yet oddly she didn’t mention it until very recently, when it suited her agenda.

We are also dealing with Patel beibg a disgraced government minister who was fired from her previous role for lying – not to mention she was found guilty of bullying in her current role. Priti Patel should not hold any job in public office, at all.

Perhaps one could say she is a kindred spirit with her Prime Minister, (who gave her his full support after the guilty verdict on her bullying). She also shares his incompetence, having overseen a major blunder of lost crime data (still not answered for). It is fair to say that Priti Patel’s not a picture of honesty or integrity, and is certainly unfit for the office she holds. But is she a fascist?

Let’s check a few other key points from her voting record.

  1. Voted against a right to remain for EU nationals already in living in the UK.
  2. Voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system.
  3. Voted against UK membership of the EU (obviously).
  4. Voted against more EU integration (of course).
  5. Voted for a stricter asylum system, often advocating the Australian-style points based system (which reduces human beings to a numeric value to an economy).
  6. Voted for mass surveillance of people‚Äôs communications and activities.
  7. Consistently voted for stronger enforcement of immigration rules.
  8. Generally voted against equal gay rights.
  9. Generally voted against laws to promote equality and human rights.
  10. Consistently voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

Some of these points definitely raise red flags on my fascism radar, however one fears she has been holding back, and the worst of Priti Patel is likely yet to come. She is immune to justice like so many government ministers now, and is never punished for anything she does. So one can assume she is capable of doing so much worse. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Patel herself is eyeing the top job, now that Johnson’s days are numbered thanks to being Mr. Brexit and letting down so many people on both sides of that divide.

It is not Patel alone who is the problem; it is endemic now within senior levels of government. With people like her in such senior positions, going unchallenged, unaccounted, unsacked – and with such a huge (and very right wing) Conservative majority – there is a very serious danger of the UK slipping into a fascist state by stealth, with barely a soul noticing until it’s too late.

One can only hope the British people wake up from their slumber in good time.

I would recommend reading about the warning signs of fascism to understand better what is happening.

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