Brexiters: What they think vs what they did

What they think, vs what they did

Sometimes I try to understand the mindset of a proud Brexiter, what they think they have achieved and why they think it is good. Things like this often come down to perception, or rather two opposing perceptions; and only one of these perceptions can be proven worthy or accurate based upon fact. Clearly the facts show that leaving the EU was at best financially calamitous and at worst deeply embarassing on the global stage.

Brexiters perception: The UK has defeated an evil oppressive enemy that controlled our laws and borders. Now we stand proudly independent, in full control of our destiny.

Factual backing: None. The EU was never an enemy but a mutually beneficial trading partner and ally. The UK had a seat at the table and a say in every law. No Brexiter has ever been able to name an “EU law” that has directly affected their life. We have lost control of our destiny, drifting alone and friendless in a prospering continent.

Remainers/Rejoiners perception: The UK has defeated itself, injured itself, embarassed itself, and disgraced itself internationally. The UK now stands isolated and alone.

Factual backing: Evidence of businesses closing, trade slowing down, companies relocating to the EU, exodus of city trading from London to Amsterdam, and of course the desperate struggles of the fishing and farming industries as a direct result of Brexit.

Factually speaking there are no benefits of what has happened, at all. None. But perceptions are strong things, immovable sometimes. Rather like the Flat Earthers, they won’t be convinced by any amount of physical data; they percieve themselves to be correct and nothing else matters.

And estimates range from 10-50 years for any benefits to materialise (these guesses coming from leading Brexiters, who incidentally could not name what those benefits might be).

This battle of perception vs fact, of feeling vs reality, the facts are strongest, but they are not shouted loud enough. This is because of the right wing media, desperately yelling their perceptions down our throats instead of reporting the cold hard facts what is actually happening.

And so, only when the reality hits somebody personally (becoming unemployed, for example), does the first twinge of doubt begin. This, the reality of Brexit, is what will ultimately undo Brexit. It’s unstoppable, undeniable, and inevitable. Brexit simply cannot hold up to reality. Sooner or later it will come crashing down, and we’ll have to rejoin out of sheer economic necessity.

In 2030 we trust.

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