The Brexiphant in the room

The Brexiphant In The Room
The Brexiphant In The Room

Leader of the opposition Sir Kier Starmer is apparently struggling to see any huge life-changing issues to oppose the government on. If only there was some massive failure of policy that has ruined the country, deadened whole industry sectors and wrecked lives?

Perhaps something more than half the country never wanted, or which promised to be a wonderful thing and ended up being hugely damaging.

Has anyone got any ideas of such a thing, as it might prove useful to Starmer in the next couple of years. There are rumours of Johnson triggering a general election as early as 2023, timed to ensure the worst damage of the most disastrous Tory policy in history has set in.

Just like his predecessor, Starmer is unable to see the Brexiphant in the room, much less raise a voice against it. The very least he could do is campaign to “Get Brexit Right”, but I doubt he’ll summon the courage to even use the “B” word.

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