Cracking down on peaceful protests

Cuff'em Common
Cuff’em Common

I imagine the police crackdown on a peacecful vigil for a murder victm, is not going to be the last occurrance of it’s kind. Priti Patel’s new bill, if passsed, will make criminals out of all kinds of peaceful civillians. She seems hell bent on turning the UK into a conformist, nationalist, police state. And Boris Johnson, out of weakness, stupidity or simple agreement, is going out of his way to enable her. He already made sure her guilt of bullying didn’t cost her her job, and now will use his authority to make sure her dreadful bill becomes law. He’s certainly keeping that woman safe.

This government is playing out it’s term very much like many of us predicted, with a lurch to the right and more than a playful paddle into the murky waters of fascism.

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