Priority for pub patriot pics?

Man Of The People
Man Of The People, Yesterday

Here’s one man who’ll be delighted at the part of the Budget which supports local pubs. Farage has apparently “quit politics” yet again; perhaps the photo ops just aren’t there any more and it’s no fun without all the attention.

The recent image of Nigel Farage sat at home ranting on Twitter about a non-existent thing he wanted to be ‘scrapped’, unable to compute the EU, or Brexit, or life itself, looking torn and pathetic… it really struck home the visual difference that a good old pandemic can make to a man dependent on staged photo ops.

No longer the grinning, cigar smoking, grandiose Toad of Toad Hall, swilling pints while indulging a gushing audience of pre-selected bigots; Farage’s visuals have now been reduced to that of a bitter, recently divorced man alone in a yellowing bedsit.

Lonely bedsit man, yesterday

Desperate for the glory days of extrovert publicity stunts and adoring fans in front of flashing cameras, the man who once shook hands with Donald Trump in a gold elevator, has launched an anti lockdown party and subsequently “quit politics” (again). Go figure.

One thought on “Priority for pub patriot pics?

  1. Ah, good ol’ Nigel … about as useful as Trump on this side of the pond. In fact, in the early days of Trump’s term, I believe he tried to request Nigel to the the UK Ambassador to the U.S., but Ms. May told him in no uncertain terms that he didn’t get to choose the Ambassador.

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