Controlling our borders, a ridiculous Brexit fantasy exposed

Britain was told by Brexiters that it had to leave the European Union so that we could control our own borders. There was no other way. We would have to leave and then suddenly control would be ours.

Photo by Anthony Beck on
Britain’s borders, not helped by Brexit at all

This is what Vote Leave told voters in 2016 (the website is still there and still says it):

We’ll be in charge of our own borders: In a world with so many new threats, it’s safer to control our own borders and decide for ourselves who can come into this country, not be overruled by EU judges.

Vote Leave Website

So we left the European Union. And guess what, as fate would have it, something happened which required us to control our borders rather urgently.

But it turned out we are incapable of controlling our borders regardless of leaving the EU. This is not opinion. This is fact. As a result of this fact we have seen an unmitigated disaster of viral variants entering our shores.

As a pro European I welcome anyone and everyone to the UK, I believe in largely open borders in normal times, however these are unusual times and during a pandemic some tight border controls are undeniably needed.

The failure to control borders when actually needed, is not an unexpected failure given the incompetent government we live under. With the Covid pandemic, Boris Johnson seems determined to ignore medical experts every step of the way, leading us further and further into the dark, while neighbouring nations seek the light by following science.

What we have seen here is the fantasy of controlling borders post Brexit, exposed to be just that, a fantasy.

Will nobody admit it?

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