Why it’s OK to ask a Tory why they voted that way

Claps Not Cash
Claps Not Cash, the Conservative Voter Mentality?

This is a follow-up to my post about why people vote like fucking idiots, but I specifically want to draw attention to the hypocrisies of Tory voters.

In normal times I’d say voting is a private matter and one should not probe or challenge private individuals about their choices. But these times are far from normal. This is different. We have, as an electorte, unleashed horrific levels of hypocrisy, incompetence, corruption, dishonesty and greed. I want to know why anyone thought that was a good idea. Genuinely.

The Tory party continue to rise in the polls, even now. It’s like the worse they are, the more popular they are. The mind fucking boggles.

So, imagine this. You clap for the NHS on your doorstep and praise the work they do. You think they are heroes and tell all your friends this. Imagine shouting how nurses deserve a pay rise and better conditions.

Now imagine being that person and still voting Tory, despite everything. How do you sleep at night? How do you live with yourself, knowing you brought about the very conditions you bleat about?

Imagine knowing full well that your chosen Prime Minister claimed publically that Brexit would unlock funds of 350m per week that could easily go to the NHS, yet this was a proven lie. Imagine knowing that, yet chosing to ignore it while you clap on your doorstep.

Imagine knowing all that is wrong and contradictory about yourself but not giving a fuck because your life is basically alright, and you don’t want to risk changing your ways to help others – you think a few empty gestures here and there will suffice.

That, ladies and gentleman, is a typical Conservative voter: A living, breathing contradiction of themselves. Not just a hypocrite, but a selfish hypocrite, who projects an image of moral superiority while quietly wallowing in self-oriented wealth goals and purposely blindfolding themselves to the rampant social injustice around them.

It is important to keep in mind, with all the rightful criticism and ire directed at the Johnson government, that a certain type of person (the Conservative supporters) put them there, wanted them there, and got them there, and cheered when they got them there. It is worth remembering that vast swathes of the voting public WANTED the shit show we see now, and they have what they wanted.

I’d say it’s worth directing some criticism now and then directly at the supporters of Tories, ask them what the hell they were thinking, demand they justify their choice and rationalise their support of (for example) the insulting NHS pay offer, versus their faux hero-worship through doorstep applause.

In short, all the anti-Tory memes in the world make no difference to anything; Homeless people still are homeless, Nurses still are skint, Teachers are still shafted – because Tories gonna Tory.

It’s the hearts and minds of the pro-Tory public that need to be drawn into the daylight and shown the correct path. If you know a Tory, perhaps gently ask them what the fuck they have done, and even more gently suggest they don’t do it again.

The argument often comes back that they believe Labour would be even worse. To which I say, firstly, no they wouldn’t, not now, nothing could possibly be worse than this fascist-oriented nest of serpents. Then they say, Boris is doing a great job. Ask them how.

If your Tory pal refuses to change, then simply say that’s fine, keep voting Tory, it’s their right. But please can they not also claim to support the NHS, or want better social care, or pretend that they expect any benefits from leaving the EU.

Have a reason for voting the way you do; a clear reason, which makes sense. Ideally, a reason which isn’t just about you. But if it is a reason that’s just about you, be honest about that, and don’t pretend you think this cabal of liars are capable of making anyone else’s lives better.

I have decided something simple: It’s alright to ask a Tory why they gotta Tory. There is no need to be agressive or threatening about it, but there is a rotten core of anti-logic that needs to be drawn into the daylight. Genuinely I want to know what the fuck are these people thinking. What about our lives now do they think is great because of their Tory vote?

If you’ve ever asked a Tory voter about the reasons for their choice please do comment below, as I’m genuinely intrigued to know.

4 thoughts on “Why it’s OK to ask a Tory why they voted that way

  1. Though I am across the pond, I can so relate to your words … just substitute ‘Republican’ for ‘Tory’, and the situation is almost the exact same. Sigh. After all these thousands of years humans have been on earth, wouldn’t you think we might have learned something? Apparently not!

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    1. The US gives me great hope that change is possible. We are holding on for dear life here, hoping, praying for a breakthrough, just like you were for so long with Trump.

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      1. Ahhhh … we still have our troubles, though, and the former guy (Trump) hasn’t finished with us, for he is planning a run again in 2024 that is supported by the Republican Party. Sigh. But yes, you guys have serious troubles in the post-Brexit world and with BoJo at the helm. Best of luck to you … actually, best of luck to us all, for we’re all going to need it.


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