Bigger picture anyone?


It both amazes and dismays me how quickly and easily people are diverted from serious unresolved issues by some inert gossipy scandal.

Let’s pause and reflect.

Britain faces ruin. 124,000 people are dead. Testing and tracing was an abysmal failure. Lockdowns were too weak and too late. Nurses, who at one point had to wear bin liners, are on the brink of a strike during a pandemic, thanks to a 1% pay offer. Self imposed trade barriers are wrecking entire sectors of industry. A mental health crisis is going unattended. The UK is a laughing stock across the continent, having committed financial suicide. Unemployment is rocketing. Schools are in disarray. While the homeless of Britain see nothing but dark days ahead, the Prime Minister is lavishing himself with a £200k apartment makeover and a £9m situation room, while saying that 1% was all they could afford for nurses.

Never mind all that! Let’s all talk about the royal family! Harry and Meghan reveal all! Shocking revelations! Couple with baby have disagreement with in-laws! Rich people do stuff and tell journalists about it! I cannot emphasise enough how unimportant that is.

It’s Dead Cat Politics. Do not be distracted. Do not be diverted.

One thought on “Bigger picture anyone?

  1. Typical Daily Express leader: ‘Don’t look at our appalling test and trace system and don’t look at the fact that cronyism is rife and is wasting billions in taxpayers’ dough! Look over there! Look, there’s Prince Philip in shit state and there’s a black woman trying to drive The Queen into an early grave!”
    Fuck’s sake.

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