Conservative NHS funding lies and contradictions

The election promises of the Conservatives in 2019

A little summary of how things have gone for the NHS under the Conservative Government in the UK.

June 2016 – Vote Leave promises the NHS 350 million per week

Boris Johnson, as head of the Vote Leave campaign, promises that leaving the EU will free up £350 million per week, which can be used to fund the NHS instead. This message was writ large across the infamous big red bus.

December 2020 – General election won with promises made about NHS funding

The general election is won overwhelmingly by Boris Johnson’s Conservative government with a landslide victory. They were elected on the basis of ‘Getting Brexit Done’ (with it’s £350m promise) but also Johnson guaranteed the following in his manifesto:

  • 40 new hospitals
  • 50 million extra GP appointments per year
  • 50,000 more nurses
  • NHS Funding boost of £1.8 billion
  • Equipping the NHS staff for a crisis

None of that has been delivered yet. There was much political footballing of the NHS in that general election, but now we find ourselves in a time where these promises MUST be kept, and it’s all gone rather quiet.

January 31st 2021 – We fully leave the EU

The transition period ends and we fully leave the EU. People in the NHS eagerly await the first payments of the £350m per week, but sadly for unspecified reasons the money never appears. Nobody asks the Prime Minister why this is. No media asks. No opposition asks. The silence was deafening.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 – 1% pay rise for nurses

The chancellor in his budget announces a 1% pay rise for nurses, prompting outcries of insulting the NHS, and many workers citing the PM and chancellor ‘clapping for carers’ on the Downing Street steps earlier this year.

Friday 4th March 2021 – The £200,000 makeover

The Downing Street residence of the Prime Minister is to recieve a makeover at cost of £200,000 and the Prime Minister has given his full backing for his girlfriend to fund this from a charity that she can set up using his millionaire contacts.

Saturday March 6th 2021 – No money left?

Government say 1% pay rise for nurses was “all they could afford”.

Monday 8th March 2021 – The £9 million situation room

Government announce they will spend £9 million on a new situation room.

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