Happy Back To School Day

Back to school

My fellow parents, It has finally happened! Schools reopen across the country today. I’ve never wanted so much for our government to get something right as I do with this. I want so badly to be told I was wrong, see, Boris Johnson is indeed doing a great job. The scientists were wrong, kids, teachers and parents are all fine. This is working great. He’s beaten the virus! We have our lives back!

Please let that be true!

If the government fuck this up there will be hell to pay.

There’s no doubt that schools are the first and most vital step to any kind normality in family life. I can tell you as a parent, though, if the governemant fuck this up and the kids end up being sent home again there will be hell to pay. The thought is too awful for most of us to contemplate.

We are told today that schools reopening is “intended to be irreversible”. That’s a rather concerning choice of words; either something’s irreversible or it’s not. If it’s just intended to be irreversible then it’s not irreversible, surely?

Johnson has realised that shit just got real.

Rather more worryingly, though, Johnson has “urged caution” today as the children return to schools en-mass, something his science advisors advised against. This “urging caution” screams to me that he’s realised that shit just got real, the kids are going back to unprepared schools with unvaccinated teachers, tomorrow morning, after weeks alone at home with no social contact.

Urging caution is, quite transparently to me, setting the ground for this to be all our fault if it goes wrong. If the schools close within a fortnight it’ll be on us (not the government) for not being cautious enough, rather than on Johnson for taking no action to make schools safe, for example vaccinating teachers first or testing kids before letting them in.

My fellow parents, it’s up to us now to hold on tight, and hope against hope this actually is going to work. Be optimistic, because at this point we have only our dreams.

Forget the politicians now. Have faith in the teachers to be sensible. Most are very sensible, with more than a few brain cells, and wouldn’t go into that profession without some kind of moral compass or sense of safety.

If we can all just make it through this first week, there will be a glimmer of light at the end of our lockdown tunnel. And after that, the next goal will be to reach the Easter Hols, and then to actually return to school after Easter, the dream scenario.

I’d say to parents and kids make the very most of each and every day at school, becasue if nothing else we’ve learned how precious they are.

The goal for now is to get our kids into those buildings for a day. That’s it. I don’t care if they learn nothing, I care not for their academic catching-up, or their spelling or their maths. I just want them safe and surrounded by friends and supervised by a teacher. That’s enough for me.

No matter what happens, I’ll take today. Enjoy this Happy Monday everyone!

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