Why they lie

It takes the briefest moment on Google to find lists upon lists of the times Boris Johnson lied. I won’t list them here, but here is a good summary of 60 of his lies. He also got sacked for lying, from two jobs. He’s not alone; barely a month goes by without a government minister being caught in some dishonest behaviour.

Oven Ready Lies
Oven Ready Lies

That point about Johnson being sacked from previous jobs is important here. In private sector roles he found himself unable to hold on to a job when caught lying. Yet somehow, in public office, he’s immune. He can lie as much as he wants and find no punishment awaits. And so he continues to lie.

How can this be right? And more worryingly, why does nobody seem to care? Why do people still vote for him and say “Good old Boris doing a great job?”

It’s not as if the laws don’t exist to determine corruption. There are laws, clear and good laws, for dealing with gross misconduct, lying in public office, misusing public funds, etc.

But how is it these laws don’t apply to the Prime Minister or his cabinet? The stench of hypocrisy is at times overwhelming.

Nothing will change. British politics will become more and more frustrating, more and more dishonest, until illegality is standard practice, lies are considered truth, dishonesty normal, corruption a mere practical necessity.

Until there is actual punishment dished out, that’s where we are headed.

They lie because they can. They lie because they’re allowed to. They lie because people are dumb enough to believe the lies, or worse, dumb enough to know they lied and not care.

We wait for the opposition to call for criminal punishments to be implemented when laws are broken by government ministers.

We wait.

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