Papering over the cracks

Charitable Causes
Charitable Causes

It has taken me some time to accept this news story is actually real, as it was simply too absurd, beyond even my wildest imaginings of how corrupt, sneaky and greedy people could be. But I’ve checked a lot of news sites and it does seem to be a real thing:

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds wants to set up a charity to fund her makeover of their flat at Number 11 Downing Street, and she has Johnson’s full backing for doing so. According to the Daily Mail, Johnson has asked a multi-millionaire financier and Tory peer to run the charity.

Yes. You read that correctly. Read it again, and understand that it’s actually real.

Instead of expressing my general revulsion at this, I want to draw a specific contrast: Westminster has more rough sleepers than anywhere else in England. In fact it has five times more rough sleepers than the rest of England.

So, at the very top of the country, it has been decided to set up a charity (yes, a charity) to change the wallpaper of the Prime Minister’s living room.

The absolute snobbery, the greed, the entitlement of them all.

Meanwhile upon the very streets of Westminster people are sleeping rough on a daily basis. This is actually real. It’s happening. This is the type of grotesque behaviour that for me crystalises my disgust with the Conservative ruling class; the absolute snobbery, the greed, the entitlement of them all. Shame on them.

There are charities that are worthy and there are charities that are, shall we say, less worthy. Something to keep in mind.

Wherever you are in the UK, please react to this by looking up your local homelessness charity and see if there’s any small way you can help them. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Papering over the cracks

  1. Good grief! No wonder Johnson and “the former guy”—as our real president referred to his predecessor—got along so well. Grifters of the worst sort.
    Can’t Parliament stop this?

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