It’s coming home, at great risk to us all

There will be penalties

Boris Johnson has offered for the UK to host all of the remaining Euro championship football matches this summer.

Bouyed by a so-far successful rollout of vaccines (which he wrongly takes credit for), Johnson now reaches to his knuckle-dragging base for applause as he wants to fill our football stadiums with crowds of people from various countries, and risk a new spike of the pandemic.

He wants to do all of this, simply because it’s a golden opportunity for his populist narrative to flourish. Don’t be fooled that he’s doing it for any other reason. Football is populist ground.

A totally stupid risk.

Now, it’s worth saying, if this actually pays off, and there is no resulting spike of infections, it will be wonderful. But on the face of it, this is a totally stupid risk. All that progress is being put on the line for the sake of some football matches.

What interests me is that he’s told us it’s far too early to think about booking holidays, yet somehow it’s not too early to confirm an enourmous football tournament with packed statiums across the countr, or too early for foreign supporters to organise trips here to watch football matches in the summer. Logic? Kicked out of the park.

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