Festival of Brexit – misguided, divisive and wasteful

The Festival of Brexit went down like a lead balloon when it was originally proposed by Theresa May. Somehow this unsinkable turd has resurfaced again under Boris Johnson and it looks like it will go ahead sometime in 2022.

Festival of Brexit - Tense Tents
Festival of Brexit – Tense Tents

At an obscene cost of £120,000,000 the UK will be celebrating Brexit whether we like it or not. This is what they call “bringing people together”: Forcing everyone to damn well enjoy celebrating a thing, whether they love it or hate it. In other words, you must love it now, and we are spending £120,000,000 to make you love it. Then, after the party is over, you will have no way of claiming you don’t love it, because you celebrated it.

Brexit Festival - Win a Fish
Brexit Festival – Win a Fish

It won’t “bring people together”, and they know it. It will deepen the divide, and trigger some serious spikes of social unrest, with the ugliest of Brexiters clashing in the streets with the most defiant of Remainers. Whichever side you’re on, this won’t be anything remotely describable as a “celebration”.

It will be shameful.

Here are 5 alternative ways that £120,000,000 could be spent.

  1. You could give £28,000 to each of the 4,266 rough sleepers in the UK, thus virtually wiping out rough sleeping overnight. (Something to celebrate, yes?)
  2. You could donate the whole £120,000,000 to cancer research, and help make up for the apparent abandonment of this great fight during the last 18 months.
  3. You could rescue the small businesses who are going under because of Brexit.
  4. You could eliminate the need for food banks by setting up a proper programme of food based help for struggling people on low incomes.
  5. You could spend it building some of the 40 new hospitals that Boris Johnson promised us in the last election.

But why do any of that, when you can instead bring down upon us a divisive and ugly multi million pound “celebration” of something more than half of the country never wanted and is desperate to reverse.

What Britain needs right now isn’t a party. What Britain needs is a way forward, and a way back to humility, a way to fix the damage. Because if I know anything about parties, (and I don’t know much about parties), it’s that there’s going to be an awful mess waiting for us the next morning.

Brexit itself will cost the UK £80,000,000,000, so I guess we can afford another £120,000,000 to celebrate spending all of that money to damage ourselves, eh? Definitely worthy of a festival of some kind.

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