Mystic Mog’s UK predictions (parts 9-12)

Mystic Mog
Mystic Mog

This damned cat woke me up in the middle of the night, insisting that she make some new predictions right meow. Impulsive beast that she is, I couldn’t disuuade her. Even the offer of a toasted haddock for breakfast wasn’t enough of a bribe; she had to predict now.

I was right in the middle of a dream in which a tiger was attacking me, and frankly Mog was lucky to get away with her life after she leapt on my bed. Anyway, after a moment of calm, she settled down with her crack’d ball and made the following predictions under cover of, well, covers. Let’s hope it was worth the trouble.

9. Vaxed vs Unvaxxed – the new social divide emerges in 2022

Mog forsees a near future in which social mobility and freedoms will be determined on whether or not you are vaccinated. Shops and pubs will have signs up saying “No entry unless vaccinated”. No business will want to be held liable for a fresh outbreak, and will want to be seen as responsible to the care of their customers. People in general will find a visual signal to indicate their vaccinated status, and Mog favours purple headbands for this, though more likely some kind of register and/or card-carrying thing. It could be that facemasks can be tentatively removed to indicate vaccinated status, but this seems unlikely for political reasons (see below).

10. The facemasks stay ON until Christmas 2024

Terrified of being seen as responsible for another outbreak, the UK government will continue telling the public to wear face masks in public until at least the general election of Christmas 2024, says Mog. It will be a policy in the next Tory party manifesto. Britain will be one of the last countries to let go of face masks, even when the vaccination programme is declared ‘done’ and the disease ‘under control’, the motivation for holding onto masks will be ultimately political; there’s a general election due in 2024 and the government will not want to risk accusations of complacency. The face mask is an effective visual sign of government action, perhaps the only visual sign they have. It is also a tempting means of control and fear mongering once the original biological threat has passed. However, the actual process of election campaigning will be a little bit trickier without the smirks and grins on show as party members tread the streets.

11. Motor insurance in crisis, 2021-2022

People won’t be driving so much, due to lockdowns, continued working from home, and travel fears, so people will demand reductions in their insurance premiums as they renew. This will be a definite effect of the pandemic upon motoring, following on from the reduced sales and manufacturing.

As renewals start to tick over for the second year in a row, people will cotton on to the fact they’re paying too much, and will start adjusting their quotes for near-zero annual mileage, and this will damage the insurance sector. Keeping in mind the UK is driven by services like insurance, this will be another blow. The government will step aside on this, supporting neither consumers nor insurers on the matter.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on
A person paying too much for their car insurance, yesterday

12. Cat-walking becomes a thing, 2022 onwards

Desperate for fresh air and reasons to go outside, cat owners become jelous of dog-walkers and there will be a huge increase in the purchase and usage of cat leads and harnesses. By way of an early example, here is a pictire of Mog’s cousin Ronnie, being taken for a walk in the park recently.

People Walking Cats
People Walking Cats will be ‘a thing’.

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