How did we end up with Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister?

The United Kingdom’s worst threat in a generation, is in charge of running the country.

His name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

The Lying King
The Lying King

I do not believe Johnson reached the top job through political talent, intelligence or wisdom. I think he got there because of a cuddly name (his real name is Alexander), a floppy haircut (distraction from the dark void behind his eyes), manipulation and opportunism, changing his views to exploit any passing chance of personal gain.

His Prime Ministerial role was ingeniously crafted, long in advance, to make neither his ability nor his politics actually matter; only his celebrity and personality were ever needed. Now the electorate love him for his image and his slogans, without even glancing at the minor detail of his policy or the damage he unleashes through lies and incompetence.

Well who needs to talk about boring old politics, eh, good old Boris seems alright, he is cuddly and scruffy and he talks funny. That’s enough for Britain, that’ll do. He is a bit stupid but then again we’ve all had enough of experts. Right? Tragically the vast majority of the electorate think this way.

Boris Johnson is a liar. 

Boris Johnson is a liar. He was sacked for dishonest behaviour more than once. He lied to the nation about Brexit. He cheated on wives. This is not conspiracist ranting, it us plainly fact, it is on the public record. He lied. He’s a liar. But nevermind, good old Boris is funny isn’t he. Look at his funny hair.

Well. Yes. He is kind of funny, and I will admit that 15 or even 10 years ago I used to laugh at him on the telly. But now things are different. Now people are dying. Now the country is ruined. Because of Johnson.

Self interest, disguised as patriotism

I refuse to call him Boris! That isn’t even his real first name. And it buys into the false notion of Johnson as a daft old relative behaving badly but in a cheeky way. Silly old Boris messed up again, lol.

The problem with putting a stupid liar in power is that you find yourself with a stupid liar in power.

The problem with putting a stupid liar in power is that you find yourself with a stupid liar in power. The superficial qualities of this man very quickly lose their value when his presence causes chaos and torment for large swathes of the population. Suddenly it’s not funny any more. The joke is over.

The only way to save himself is to stop people thinking about his mistakes. And so he will deflect, divert, create his own agenda and ignore yours. When losing an argument he will slam a dead cat on the table and make you stare at that instead of him. Dead Cat strategy, they call it. Johnson practically invented it. (Recent examples: A roundbout under the Isle of Man, or a tunnel under the Irish Sea).

The worse the blunder, the more outrageous the diversion. Watch out for that.

And yet the hardcore of Boris Johnson fans protect him like sympathetic dinner ladies defending a disadvantaged child. He’s doing his best they say. Give him a break they say. It’s hard for him to deal with everything they say. Got a lot on his plate, etc.

Poor Ickle Boris is Trying His Best
Poor Ickle Boris is trying his best

But damn it, that is his job. He signed up not for an easy ride but for a difficult one, full of huge responsibility and difficult decisions. He signed up to make the best choices for his country, not for himself. He is the most powerful man in Britain, not a four year old.

So to the question, how did we end up with him?

He pedalled a lie to the public which they swallowed whole. The biggest lie of all: “Get Brexit Done”. It was something that was never going to be “done”, as we are finding out the hard way. He knew it, and remainers knew it. But by setting himself up as Mr. Brexit Johnson, he guaranteed himself untold popularity with the most knuckle-dragging base. He held Brexit aloft, as if it were his very own baby, declaring it oven ready, and then, once delivered, proclaimed that we could all move forward safe in the knowledge he’d delivered it and magically resolved every problem we ever had.

He lied and a lot of sheep-like followers believed him. That’s how we ended up with him as Prime Minister.

3 thoughts on “How did we end up with Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister?

  1. Boris is a cuddly name? (That’s the only part of your post I disagree with.) To my ear, it has echoes of Boris Karloff. But then, I’m not British. A lot of popular names around here make me raise my eyebrows.

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