The striking similarities between Boris Johnson and Henry VIII

Supernaturally inclined readers may like this. I have noticed some striking similarities between our current Prime Minister and an infamously hated old English King. So much so, in fact, that I wonder if the spirit of the old philandering thug might be present in our modern day philandering thug. Is it possible that Boris Johnson was King Henry VIII in a previous life? Let’s look at the evidence and you can make up your own mind.

King Henry VIII Reincarnated
The spirit of Henry VIII lives on, in a mordern day equivalent called Boris Johnson

Right, so here are the similarities I’ve noticed so far.

King Henry VIII (1491-1547)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (1964-?)
Fathered several illegitimate children but only publically acknowledged one.Fathered an unspecified number of illegitimate children but only publically acknowledged his latest. Refuses to say how many other children he has (or he doesn’t know).
Decisions were grandiose, melodramatic and played for effect, lacking in detail or forethought.Decisions are catchy slogans designed to capture the audience emotion and divert from missing detail.
Reactionary, intolerant, tyranical and violent.Reactionary and intolerant, he sacked anyone who wasn’t totally in line with his version of Brexit. Infamously he was caught plotting to beat up journalist Darius Guppy in 1990.
Careless and stupid; had a serious jousting accident in 1524.Careless and stupid; in early 2020 he waived away concerns of a pandemic, boasting of shaking hands with Covid patients, and then was hospitalised with Covid weeks later.
A notourious womaniser.A notorious womaniser.
Cheated on his wives.Cheated on his wives, including one who was getting cancer treatment at the time.
Made radical changes to the English constitution, some of them deeply unpopular.Lead Britain into Brexit, the biggest and most disastrous constitutional change in over a century.
A keen gambler and dice player.Gambled with the UK’s future to further his career.
Had a close advisor killed for giving bad marriage advice.Had a close advisor fired for calling his partner “Princess Nut Nuts” in a text message.
Broke the country away from Rome and the Catholic Church, purely to further his own personal interests.Broke the country away from Brussels and the European Union, purely to further his own personal interests.
His downfall was partly blamed on failings in foreign policy and his absurd reputation and ambition.It all lines up, doesn’t it?

If you know of any other fascinating similarities between these two overweight shitbags, please drop a note in the comments below. Thanks!

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