Give Brexit 10 years before you judge it, says Raab, while entire industries face ruin in weeks.

Give It 10 Years, Says Raab
Give It 10 Years, Says Raab

Two months after fully leving the EU, the UK’s growing tide of backpedalling, downplaying and quietly reduced optimism is starting to pick up pace. We are on a sure trajectory to “Oops can we rejoin please”, albeit some years away.

Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary, has stated that business should allow Brexit to run for 10 years before making any judgements about it. That will be greatly comforting to businesses who face closure within weeks, but it translates as, don’t expect anything to get better for at least a decade.

Anyway, thank you Mr. Raab for validating my blog’s hope for the year 2030 being the turning point at which Brexit can finally start to be undone, and we can seriously look at Rejoining the EU.

Let us review this great decision in 10 years
Let us review this great decision in 10 years

Raab’s 10 year forecast for (unspecified) benefits to emerge, isn’t the first. His collegue Jacob Reese-Mogg famously said there may be no benefits for another 50 years. Lucy Harris, a Brexit Party candidate, gave an estimate of 30 years. None of these estimates were ever mentioned during the 2016 referrendum campaign. It was sold as being an immediate win for Britain, and it was a blatant con. Not everybody has woken up to that yet, but within a decade, they will.

Strap in folks, the hypocrisy is going to get heavy and it’s going to be a long haul. The government signal is clear, they will let Brexit run riot for at least a decade before even the slightest whisper of conscience challenges the Brexit makers.

In 2030 we trust.

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