Libtard! Remoaner! Snowflake! Debunking the childish insults

The quality of political discourse in Britain today

Brexit unleashed empowerment in those who wished to reduce political debate to thuggish insults and childish name calling.

For those with no appetite for genuine argument, it sufficed to call somebody a libtard and run away, like a child. This mentality flourished when Brexit started and has continued to grow, validated and empowered by those at the top, who never call for grown up discussion, often actively avoiding it (like Boris Johnson hiding in a fridge in 2019’s election campaign).

Let’s take a look at the most used childish insults hurled at those on our end of the sanity spectrum (Remain/Rejoin) from those on the other (Brexiters).

  1. Libtard. A popular grunt on both sides of the Atlantic, the word Libtard came about as a genius combination of Liberal and R*tard. It must have taken a whole minute to come up with that.  Immediately offensive, it has a child like power, a playground insult, it simply says, you’re a Liberal and I think you’re dumb, haha! Yet the very use of an unacceptable word in this (the R word, just as offensive to many as the N word), speaks volumes about the backward mind of it’s inventors. If being Liberal makes you dumb then yes I am dumb as fuck. But sit with me for a moment and I’ll tell you what’s even more dumb about not being Liberal. Oh wait, you’re incapable of discussion, so just call me a Libtard and be on your way.
  2. Snowflake. I must admit when this first became a popular political put-down, I didn’t honestly get it. I mean, Snowflake, really? It’s like calling somebody a Raindrop or a Strong Breeze. Wierd, just wierd. Usingn weather to insult somebody. Then over time I realized it was a reference to being weak, to melting away under the slightest heat of argument. Which is still wierd, because that’s exactly what name calling is, a weak action when you can’t handle actual argument. People who call you a Snowflake are, ironically, the real Snowflakes.
  3. Remoaner. Oh, boy, so much to say here but I will keep it brief because I don’t want to, you know, moan too much. Another genius word combo that took maybe 2 seconds to come up with, Remoaner is a silly label slapped upon those opposed to Brexit because of actual discernible reasons, (like maybe, the economy being destroyed for example), but upon mentioning said reasons are apparently just moaning. I think I will just leave that one there. But suffice to say, I am proud to say I have moaned a lot, about the many things that are worthy of moaning about. I will stop moaning when you give me a reason to be happy about my rights, freedoms and opportunities being taken from me.
  4. Traitor, enemy of the people, saboteur. The right wing press has amassed a long and shameful record of stocking up anger and labelling vast swathes of people as traitors to their country, as enemies of the people, as saboteurs.  What these fascist geniuses failed to grasp is that we are precisely the opposite of that. We love our country and were trying to save it from massive self harm. Nobody listened and now there is social and economic devastation unfolding across the UK. Maybe the users of these words should ask themselves, now, who betrayed who?

Got more examples? Please post in comments below.

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