A new American dream is born

As Trump squirms his way out of a conviction thanks to cowardly Republicans in a system stacked in his favour, a new American Dream is born: To see justice done to the powerful.

The New American Dream
The New American Dream will have to wait a while longer

For this dream to become reality, many people in many high places will have exorcise Trump’s posession of their souls, and find the courage to start anew. They will have to remember that Republicans are Americans first, and owe loyalty not to the orange demon, or to his version of their party, but to the American people as a whole.

It is worth taking heart, though: He is not president now. He lost that battle. And for his latest and most awful crimes, there are those Republicans who don’t even deny his guilt, and these people stand as Americans first, Republicans second, and Trumpians no more.

May their numbers grow.

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