Winners in a time of loss

Even in a global crisis, where everybody loses, there can be winners. It sometimes takes a catastrophe to give a rocket boost to human progress and drive technology forwards. These changes can forever alter our behaviours and social structures, but the change in itself can be a good thing, forcing us to reassess our values and appreciate what we have.


Introverts win – sometimes

What a time to be an introvert! I’m not one, well not much, but I know some who are, and they’re loving the whole lockdown thing. Some people are delighted not to have to engage with other human beings any more. To hide ones self away and be legally justified in doing so, is a dream come true! Introverts are winners in this situation, definitely.

It is worth remembering, however, that those who choose to hide themselves away from the virus, from the world, usually have good reason.

Internet shopaholics

Random online purchases to cheer yourself up

Internet retail has exploded into life during the stay-at-home days. Employment in that sector has been the most stable it’s been forever, albeit tempered by the issues of UK/EU border complexities arising from you-know-what. In my household, the whole family gets excited at the prospect of The Amazon Man coming, at least once a week. Myself, especially so.

There is no guilt for spending online for me. Holidays and social activities are indefinitely cancelled, not going out for so much as a pint with a mate, not visiting the supermarket, so fuck it I’ll order stuff that makes me happy at home.

Recently the online purchases have got more random, for example a tub of candy mice that cause me to experience joy, or a milk frother to help my daily coffee remind me of days when I bought lattes in the office canteen.

If you like buying random shit online, in this pandemic you are a winner. Just watch out for you-know-what and it’s effect on your deliveries and costs.

Binge watchers

Photo by John-Mark Smith on
It is a great time to be a binge watcher of TV shows

Digital entertainment, streaming, gaming and social media have all been big winners, as human beings yearn to connect with one another more than ever before. Binging box sets is proving a vital coping mechanism for many, the option to plunge oneself into other worlds and fictional situations is something hugely beneficial to mental wellbeing. Again, no guilt: We need this stuff. If you like TV and movies, consider yourself a winner.

Readers, writers, artists and creatives

Arts, books, magazines, literature of all kinds – now is the time for a renaissance of sorts, as people find themselves hungry for an escapist stimulation of the brain (well those of us who have one, anyway). I found myself listening to historical audio books and enjoying art for the first time in a decade. And so those who write, paint, etc. are winners because they have a captive audience at long last. If you write, draw or paint, or if you, like me, are spending a lot of time writing a blog and producing artistic content, then you are a winner.

Video gamers

What a time to be a gamer!

PC gaming for me has had a resurgence after a decade of neglect. I have so much love for the medium now, rekindled anew, and I look forward with delight to a session of Doom Eternal or Wolfenstein, or the challenges of survival in The Forest or the jungles of Green Hell. All of which are a pleasant escape from real life. The kids all seem to be revelling in the multi player fun of Fortnite, which, with it’s cross-platform connectivity is proving to be a God send, enabling the collective escape of children with X-Box, Playstation, Switch or PC.


Loving the attention

Cats are winners. Dogs are winners. Pets in general are winners. Most are getting a lot more attention and affection with family members being at home all the time, and for some the bond between pet and owner has undoubtedly strengthened during this pandemic. I am so grateful to have the company of my cats sleeping near me while I work, although I must say they drive me crazy when they’re awake!

People who appreciate life

An appreciation of the old things, the normal things, the free things, has become noticably prevalent, and many of us catch ourselves looking back with fond nostalgia at pre-Covid life. Suddenly those little things seem so big; To sit in a cinema, to meet a friend, to stand close to somebody or see their face and smile, to pop out to the shops without questioning the risks, to get an actual haircut by an actual hairdresser, to drink a pint indoors in a pub. Appreciation is a winner.

Much has been taken from us, but it is always worth looking for the silver linings, even when the entire sky is covered in clouds.

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