Sack the leader, save the people

A brave warrior he isn’t

Imagine you are boss of a company, and one of your employees – let’s call him Mr. Johnson – was awful at his job and made a series of blunders which killed 10 people. You would sack Mr. Johnson. Not just as punishment, but as protection for the people who might be killed next if he were to stay. Most likely you would have to involve the police, too. People died.

Now imagine you are Mr. Johnson’s boss, and he did something which led to the deaths of 1,000 people. You’d simply have to sack the idiot and call the police. Because of Mr. Johnson you’d be in trouble yourself for corporate manslaughter. Your company would be ruined. At the very least you’d question your own judgement in hiring Johnson and if you stopped and thought about it, you’d be overcome with guilt for putting such an idiot in charge of so much.

They don't know what they are defending. Not yet.

Of course there might be a few old customers who were charmed by Johnson, who praise him and say he’s “doing a great job”. But those customers don’t know. They haven’t experienced his effects yet. They haven’t had to endure a nervous breakdown in isolation, or watch their unconscious father die over their iPhone, or see their livelihood drain away. They don’t know what they are defending. Not yet.

100,000 people are dead

Now imagine 100,000 people are dead because of Mr. Johnson’s blundering, dithering and delaying. You, the boss, stand accountable. Johnson apologises to all those families, but somewhere in your gut, as a person who chose to employ Johnson, you feel personally responsible for his existence.

How, at this point do you reconcile the fact you put Mr. Johnson into that role and allowed him to stay so long, and inflict so much damage, unchallenged? How do you fucking sleep at night?

Look at him. Just look at him.

And now comes the stunning realisation: We, the public, collectively, are his boss, and Mr. Johnson can be sacked. By us. Now. Before even more people die. It is time to do the right thing. I don’t care which party you support, or how you voted in the past, or how politically advantageous it might be to keep the imbicile in Downing Street.

People are suffering and dying.

People are suffering and dying in their thousands right now, and the scientists blame him. He is the wrong person in the wrong job at the wrong time. He was chosen for a single purpose, to Get Brexit Done, and is evidently unfit for any other. He is totally out of his depth and it’s no longer funny. It’s deadly. Furthermore, he openly admits he is responsible. So why is he still in his job?

Write to your MP and demand it, today, before it’s too late:

Boris Johnson must be sacked.

If he were a normal employee in a normal job, he would be sacked. So let’s sack him.

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