Cheer up Britain, holidays are coming

Cheer up, everyone. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has indicated he is “optimistic” about the prospects of British people going on holiday this summer. Bookings are coming in fast for UK-based resorts.

For some people the wanderlust starts earlier than Summer, though. Friends of mine, Janet and Declan Smith and their daughter, April, are planning their yearly family hiking trip in the Peak District. This family are looking forward to a swift descent when they set off on their usual mountain range path, followed by long, hard climb at the end. As usual, they spread out as they hike, rather than staying close together.

The Smith family have asked me to post about how much they are looking forward to their family trip, and they have asked me to produce some artwork to illustrate their upcoming travels.

So here is my illustration of Janet, April and Declan and what they expect their lovely adventure to look like this year. It is going to be so much fun. They say they can’t wait to reach the peak at the end, and hope to plant a big red flag when they get there.

Optimistic about holidays this year? One family are.
Jan, April and Dec, 2021.

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