Catchy slogans aren’t enough any more

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a famed liar, having been sacked from two jobs for lying, and having a chequered extramarital life. The political lies are monstrous, the worst of which have been the falsehoods around Brexit, his pet project.

Like Trump, Johnson thrives on slogans and catchphrases, a paint of coat on thin air, lacking substance or logic, but memorable nonetheless. He cares not for detail, just that you have a slogan drilled into your head. That’s what won him the election and the referrendum. Slogans.

He lives not in our world, the real world, but in a fantasy world, in which superficialities are more than enough to deal with any situation thown at him.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a classic case in point. He throws out the slogans ad nauseum but fails miserably when it comes to taking clear, definitive action.

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