Stay at home! Or not, up to you really, see how you feel.

I can’t shake the feeling that Prime Minister Boris Johnson doesn’t care that much about destroying this virus. Surely if he wanted a ‘real’ lockdown, to kill off the disease once and for all, he’d shut down everything; schools, shops, transport, the lot, until everyone was vaccinated. It would be an awful expereince but it may just be worthwhile. Johnson however, hasn’t got the balls to be that serious about anything.

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A person who may or may not be smiling, yesterday

Aside from the disastrously confusing school closures and the Working From Home, the only real difference in people’s daily lives is that everyone is wearing facemasks. The truth is, the medical science says stay at home, not go out with a mask on. In reality the facemask is the equivalent of trying to stop flies using a chicken wire fence. But it’s all we’ve got.

The truth is, the medical science says stay at home, not go out with a mask on. 

The mindset is skewed though. The message ought to be, OK, look, if you absolutely must go out, for some critical reason like your leg is falling off, or your wife is having twins, put a mask on before you leave the house.

But instead we’re allowed to think everything’s fine, go where you like if you pop a mask on first. In fact if you’re outdoors, don’t even bother wearing one. Go nuts.

Being unable to see people’s faces for this long is psychologically uncomfortable. It is basic human nature to want to see people, be near people, smile at each other. Being out and about has lost its appeal for me, I am sick of seing masks everywhere, I’d rather stay at home.

The facemask has become a sort of excuse to break the rules – as long as you’re masked then it feels you can do what you like. Got your mask on? Cool, then don’t worry about the whole stay at home thing, feel free to wander round Tesco’s and mingle with 100 other people to buy your deodorant, just keep a piece of tissue-like paper across your mouth and you’ll be fine.

Facemasks are the Get Out of Jail Free card for the government.

Facemasks are also a sort of get out of jail free card for the government; When it all goes tits-up (which it is), the government will say look, it might not have been a proper lockdown but everyone wore masks, so it’s not our fault the germs got spread when people went out.

Can somebody explain to me why the Prime Minister stands in front of a podium each day saying ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’, when in reality he’s happy for people to go out, do stuff, ignore the medical advice, and let people die? There is absoltely no sense of a serious lockdown going on here. It’s a joke.

When the message on the podium changes to Go Out, It's Fine, Enjoy Life I'll start venturing out.

When the message on the podium changes to Go Out, It’s Fine, Everyone’s Vaccinated I’ll start venturing out properly, but until then I will be at home, thank you very much. It’s hard, it’s agonising at times, but I am keeping myself and my family safe. It has to be an emergency to leave these four walls now.

More than 100,000 people are dead. So far.

4 thoughts on “Stay at home! Or not, up to you really, see how you feel.

  1. A shutdown won’t work to kill the virus. If we all stayed indoors for a month, it’d find a way. We tried it for four weeks and cases dropped to a trickle, but at a MASSIVE price. It will take years for us to recover while surrounding states that are only doing slightly worse than us in cases (but BETTER in fatalities) won’t have near the damage to work back from.

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      1. New Zealand is an island with a small population and a tinier economy. They shut the whole thing down. Of course it worked. For the UK and US, that’s a pipe dream.

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    1. You’re right of course that lockdown alone won’t kill the virus, but it will certainly stop it spreading like wildfire and give the authorities a chance to vaccinate the populus, or to put another way, to gain the upper hand in the battle. Lockdowns give a breathing space in which to fight back, but only if used properly and effectivly. Wth people going about their daily business there is no chance.

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