Is Johnson genuinely sorry? Did he really do everything he could?

Not smart enough or sorry enough

As calls mount for an enquiry into his handling of the pandemic in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he is “deeply sorry” about 100,000 coronavirus deaths in Britain, and says he did “everything he could”.

But did he really do everything he could? Did he follow all the scientific advice? Did he properly equip and protect the NHS front line staff soon enough? Did lockdown fully, early, on immediate advisement? Did he give clear, non-confusing advice to the public? Did he protect schools in a timely fashion? Did he shut the borders hard and fast?

Or did he ignore scientific advice, fail to lock down strongly or early enough, hand out dodgy PPE contracts to his mates and waste millions on useless deliveries, give confusing and befuddled messaging to the public and fail to give any semblance of a plan to schools, while U-turning almost every day on various important decisions? Did he leave the borders wide open?

How can he be deeply sorry if he won’t even acknowledge his mistakes? If he were genuinely sorry he would have resigned. No, I don’t think he is sorry. But I think some day in the future he will be.

5 thoughts on “Is Johnson genuinely sorry? Did he really do everything he could?

  1. No, and, no! is the definitive answer to the question you pose. Contrition, for a bloke who ‘Got Brexit done’ and who bundles over little kids on the rugger field is an alien concept I would have thought. I can’t criticise his hair or general appearance mind. A credit to his mum and every one of his two hundred odd kids.

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  2. The problem with Johnson is that he’s weak. Every time he has to make a decision, he procrastinates until it’s too late, tries to take the easy option so that, by the time he is pressured into taking the correct decision, it’s too little and too late.

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