The special relationship just got awkward

Boris Johnson was deeply invested in Donald Trump. He pinned his hopes on a pro-Brexit US president to bail out the UK with a world beating trade deal.

How to react after 30 seconds on the phone
without being told to f*ck off

Now, with Biden in the Whitehouse, Brexit is going to be a test of patience. Biden won’t back Johnson and will call out anything which jeopardises the Good Friday Agreement. Johnson has no answers ready, and unlike Trump, Biden won’t indulge his waffle and his slogans. Biden wants details.

This new phase of the special relationship is going to be an evolutionary one. The bullshit is over. The time for reality has begun. Biden will ship it to the UK in generous bucket loads across the Atlantic.

The introductory ‘hi there’ will be hyped as a grand new beginning but in reality it may be one of the few precious moments without tension, between Johnson the fascist and Biden the democrat.

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