In Brexitland fishing, irony is the only thing being caught

Pro-Brexit fish people seem to be furious about Brexit, yet perversely unable to condemn it. You can see the torture in their eyes; somewhere deep in side there’s a voice screaming at them, you made a mistake, Brexit was stupid, admit it now, right now, before you make a complete idiot of yourself.

A worthless old trout, yesterday

The Brexit Party’s June Mummery is a former MEP and lead campaigner in a group called Fishing For Leave, who pushed hard for Brexit because it would be a golden opportunity for fishermen. She also owns a seafood company of her own.

Here’s what Fishing For Leave’s website says on it’s front page:

Brexit creates a golden opportunity to regain 70% of the UK’s fisheries resources and rejuvenate a multi-billion pound industry for the nation – becoming as sustainable and successful as Norway, Iceland and Faroe.

Fishing For Leave website, 26th Jan 2021

However, now that Brexit is evidently destroying fishing, Mummery is complaining that Brexit is evidently destroying fishing.

The level of stupid is now off the scale (no pun intended), and fish are taking over the comedy agenda of Brexit like a schoal of Pirahna around a drowning horse.

This was Mummery in 2020, before Brexit:

“We are taking back full control of our waters and resources…. We have got a golden opportunity to rebuild our industry that quite frankly has been taken away from us.”

June Mummery, Brexit Party MEP who campaigned for Brexit because it would help the fishing industry.

Wow they really loved that golden opportunity. And the taking back of control, always the taking back of control. Sadly, the shine has come off the golden opportunity – it’s more of a brownish lost cause, and it turns out Brexit made them give up any control they had. Now that we have 2021’s Brexit Reality, she says:

“We’re on our knees. We’ve waited 40 years and quite frankly a lot of people will pack up, including myself. I’ve got no fish!”

June Mummery, former Brexit Party MEP who campaigned for Brexit because it would help the fishing industry.

Time to update that website, Fishing For Leave admins!

Mummery is but one example of many pro-Brexit people who used fishing as a flagship reason to leave the European Union. It was holding fishing back, they said. Europe was blocking our fishing trade, they said. If we leave, fishing will be able to thrive, they said.

Here’s another example: In today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Tory MP Sally-Ann Hart complained about the difficulties posed to the fishing industry in her constituency, entirely caused by the Brexit Deal she herself voted for. Not a flicker of irony was evident.

The pro-Brexit fishing evangelists were wrong. And yet even now, while faced with inescapable consequences, they can’t seem to admit it.

Therein lies the real human tragedy; the psychological steel barrier that prevents an admission of responsibility. Brexiters, when talking about fish, now openly condemn the outcomes with a totally straight face, without even a flicker of irony, or a micron of recognition of their part in it. It’s rather like championing the practice of driving cars off cliffs, and then when people do it you say you’re outraged that cars don’t bounce properly. Beyond stupid really.

They condemn the outcomes without a flicker of irony.

Nigel Farage meanwhile has simultaneously backed and condemned the Brexit deal, having famously used fishing as a key issue in Brexit’s favour.

Photo by Oziel Gu00f3mez on
Imagine being lured into a big inviting net and then discovering it kills you. That’s Brexit, fishies. That’s Brexit.

And then of course we have Jacob Reese Mogg, using his Aquaman powers, to telepathically communicate with fish and inform us they are feeling happier now after Brexit because they are British.

The fishy nonsense continues.

One thought on “In Brexitland fishing, irony is the only thing being caught

  1. I fucking hate Brexit. As you say, the irony … . This is what happens when a country takes leave of its senses. Watching Mogg talk about British fish being happier was sickening. The nut job and sovereignty. It is going to end in tears.


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