The UK needs a shot of humility

We need a shot of humility, injected directly in the buttocks of the UK leadership

A vaccine is being rolled out at pace accross the United Kingdom. People have a tiny glimmer of hope. But what’s desperately lacking is humility.

We need leadership who can admit they fucked up, and who is able to at least state the fact that our death rate is worse than any other country on Earth. It is so important to be clear about what we’ve got wrong, so that we can start getting things right.

The cabinet’s positon seems to be one of, let’s have an enquiry later, in a few years, while ignoring all of our mistakes for now. To call this approach short-sighted is an understatement. It’s rather like failing a driving test but the examiner says, don’t worry, you’ve passed, but I’ll need to give you a ring next year and talk about those people you ran over at the pedestrian crossing.

Hold still, you fucker

We will neither triumph nor survive by continuing this uniquely British mindset of blind belief in our superiority, and of refusal to admit mistakes or to acknowledge facts.

I propose that alongside the rollout of Covid vaccinations we need nationwide injections of humility and honesty, of the courage to be wrong and know we’ve been wrong, and of the sense to allocate responsibility where it belongs.

It is time for our leaders to be humble.

Slowness, indecision, dither, delay, confusion, hypocrisy and mixed messaging; these are the things the UK government will be remembered for in the way they handled this pandemic. These islands are sick, and while a vaccine might ease the symptoms it isn’t a cure.

It is time for our leaders to be humble, to be open, to look at the success of other countries like New Zealand. Time to drop the arrogant attitude and say, we’re not superior, we need help, we need advice, you’ve done it better than us and we screwed up. Stop turning down offers of help from the EU and others. Thank them. Use them.

Brexit is being sited as a reason not to accept medical help from neighbours, which is totally sensible.

For the love of all that is good in this world…. be good in this world. We won’t move forward without humility. If America can do it, so can we.

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