Science finally speaks out against government incompetence

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Government decisions (or lack of them) have cost innocent lives

So, the UK has the worst death toll in the world and has now surpassed a world-beating milestone of 100,000 COVID deaths. How did this happen? There must be a resonable explanation. Other countries haven’t suffered like this, so why has the UK?

Therese Coffey MP, recently blamed the UK’s ageing population and increasing levels of obesety. Scientists though, have finally broken their silence in the blame game; and they beg to differ.

BBC News
Scientists lay the blame at Downing Street. (BBC News)

We were encouraged to Eat Out To Help Out, to visit restaurants, indeed we were offered money to do so.

Dominic Cummings, the chief government advisor, broke the government’s own lockdown rules and was not sacked for it.

We stopped being told to Stay At Home and were told to Stay Alert.

We had so-called lockdowns too late, and too weakly enforced.

We did not protect teachers or have testing facilities in schools.

There was a litany of PPE supply errors.

It is now clear the Prime Minister pushed back against scientific advice to lock down the country on more than one occasion.

Britain’s borders were left wide open, despite banging on about controlling them for the last four years.

A scientist advising the government has warned the UK could face as many as 50,000 more coronavirus deaths.

Utter failure

And the Prime Minister says he is very sorry and takes full responsibility. Yet he won’t acknowledge or even mention his disastrous decisions, won’t take corrective action, and certainly won’t resign.

This is on him. And if you voted for Boris Johnson to be your Prime Minister, it’s on you, too.

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