Is Covid shielding Johnson from Brexit’s effects?

A man shielded by convenience, yesterday

The second and most deadly peak of the Covid-19 virus in the UK has coincided with the unleashing of an outbreak of stupidity known as Brexit. By which I mean the UK officially left the EU at the start of 2021. Since then, a steady trickle of disaster stories have emerged from industries including (but not limited to), fisheries, freight and manufacturing. Essentially any small or medium business which trades with the EU is now fucked. It’s as simple as that. The expenses and costs and sheer logistical headache render most of their business models inoperable.

But Johnson, who championed this as the dawn of a new age full of sparkling opportunities to trade globally, has been somehow sheltered from ridicule. The Covid-19 disaster (also made worse by him) is seemingly taking the Brexit heat away from him, albeit temporarily.

The UK’s death rate is, as I write this, the worst in the world.

Johnson is remarkably quiet about this fact, but seemingly keen to keep the Covid issue front and centre, controlling the narrative with an iron grip to ensure the collapse of British business is firmly on page two. What lurks behind the wall of Covid? What is going to become the story, once he symbolically smashes through Covid sitting on a bulldozer? (Subtle clue, there).

The UK's death rate is the worst in the world.

It is a stretch to suggest that the longevity of this pandemic in the UK is semi-deliberate, but it is undoubtedly convenient in so many ways to Johnson’s fascist-leaning government. Imagine if you will, Covid went away tomorrow, just vanished, everybody is cured and immune. Then we’d be living happy ever after… Except, we wouldn’t. He’d have no gigantic issue to hide behind. With our lives saved, our livelihoods would remain in tatters because of Johnson’s very own virus, the thing he unleashed, called Brexit.

Luckily for our haystack-haired leader, he has the population very nearly controlled, compliant and scared. This, for any fascist regime, is a dream come true. We the people cannot protest. We cannot open our mouths. We cannot disagree. We must obey, for our own safety. We British have this obedience built into us, as part of our peaceful good nature.

To throw this power away now would be political suicide, and for those of us who’ve clocked the deepness of this Tory seizure, it is becoming undeniable that the ’emergency powers’ may linger far beyond their original purpose.

Be aware.

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