From crisis to crisis

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is lurching from crisis to crisis with nowhere to hide.

During his 2019 election campaign he famously hid in a fridge to get away from tough questions on live television. Now, though, he is running out of fridges to hide in.

The disasters are piling up around him and he’s lost control of everything. The opposition calls it out, as best they can, but still the disastrous snail slithers on, oblivious and uncaring.

What he seems to be doing is using one disaster as cover for another. The pandemic is, perhaps inevitably, being used to shoulder the blame for infrastructure problems which any sane human can see are caused by Brexit. The problem with this approach is that the scapegoat issue itself, is a disaster which he bears responsibility for.

Instead he tries to blame us, the public, for doing it wrong. Or just dodges the question of responsibility altogether and talks about one of the other disasters. Part of me thinks he welcomes the new scandals when they pop up (for example, school dinners), because they take attention away from his catastrophic damage to the very fabric of the UK economy. While school mums are angry their kids are hungry, they aren’t angry about Brexit. While nurses are shouting about lack of PPE, they aren’t shouting about inadequate pay. Johnson knows this and he is using it.

Don’t be distracted.

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