Great Again

Congratulations, America. He is gone. This is cause for celebration worldwide. We in the UK look to you for hope now, and you have given us hope with your decision. Trump is now a disgraced man, a nothing, a nobody. He leaves the presidential office in tatters and the country in disarray. But you can now move forward in peace, in unity, and take us all with you. This moment is the moment of hope, the chink of light which a darkened world has been yearning for.

Great Again

Joe Biden is an astonishing man, the polar opposite of Trump. Most men, after losing a wife and two children would scarcely find the strength to get up in the morning. But Mr. Biden, at the age of 78, has sucessfully run for president, with a promising female vice president by his side. This truly is a brand new start.

Biden gets the job as a culmination of a long and accomplished political career, whereas Trump won the job off the back of TV celebrity status and populist sloganeering.

Thank you America for giving us renewed hope. The decade we find ourselves in may, after all, be a corrective and progressive one. I hope you like my celebratory artwork, which kind of speaks for itself.

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