Why Trump must be served justice

There is blood on the hands of Donald J. Trump. Unable and unwilling to accept the outcome of a free and fair vote (which was legally proven to be secure), he incited an armed insurrection in which 5 people died, and many more could have died. To be clear, what happened at the Capitol was not a protest. It may have started as a few harmless placcard wavers but it quickly morphed into an attempt at mass assasinations in the halls of democracy. The open chants of “Hang Mike Pence!” were evident for all to see. We have to thank the perpetrators, though, for their outright stupidity in filming themselves and in some cases, giving their full names and addresses to camera, to assist the authorities in identifying them.

These however were mere followers of Trump. He himself wanted this. He made this. It was always foreseeable that he would not go quietly. Violence is the inevitable end to a fascist cult. And Donald Trump is indeed a fascist cult. He has sown the myth that his election win was somehow ‘stolen’ and his worshippers believe every word of it. Only a withdrawl of the lie will extinguish the fire. If it takes a courtroom to make that happen, so be it.

Trump, yesterday

And now Trump is America’s only ever president to be impeached twice. His legacy is one of devastating division and hatred. Of stoking fascist splinter groups into action, of emboldening racists and of empowering the rich while simultaneously mobilising the poor in support of him. Sound familiar?

It is important not just to America, but to the world, that any fascism is seen to be intolerable. This might be the first real test of the values built up since the War. Can we tolerate an attempted coup in the most powerful nation on earth? Or will that nation step up and say, No, we don’t accept this behaviour, we will never have it again in our nation.

An example must be made of this man. Don’t just tell him off. Convict him and send him to prison. Strip him of everything. Let the world see that even Presidents are just men, and all men live by the laws of their land. If any other man had gone on Twitter to encourage his friends to attack a political institution that man would be in prison. Trump is just a man. He may have a messiah complex and a cult of worshippers, but that’s exactly why it’s important to strip away the mask and show them who their great Leader really is.

If convicted, he will never be allowed to serve in public office again. If let off the hook, Trump will no doubt have vengeance further down the line, and he won’t hold back next time.

Still, in better news, he’s permanently banned from Twitter. I really hope he attempts to sue them, because he will fail, and his failures have become a great solace to many.

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