Logistics are no longer logical

Delays have quickly mounted up post-Brexit at UK ports, and the people who drive the Lorries are not happy. One cannot blame them.

Hauliers seem to be lagging a short distance behind fishermen in terms of the Brexit penny dropping, but they are catching up fast. As paperwork clogs up logistics and expenses mount, it is hard to see how any sane person will think this was ever a good idea.

Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Pexels.com
Some lorries, yesterday

Consumers in the end will pay the price to cover the costs. Assuming, that is, the products actually reach the shops.

The EU can no longer allow UK foodstuffs to cross the border unchecked, because we are now officially a non-EU country and therefore they cannot be assured we meet their food standards. The rules never affected us before because we adhered to the same rules as the rest of our European Union friends. Now, though, we are rogue. Not so much as a ham sandwich may cross the border.

If I were a Brexit-voting ham sandwhich I would not want to go across a continent’s border unchecked. What if a French person were to eat me, or some other foreigner? No, I want only to be eaten on British soil by a British mouth thank you very much. Surely it follows that any haulier who supported Brexit will be delighted by this situation.

If I were a continent I would not want a ham sandwich to enter me from another continent, with no clue what their standards are, or what diseases the ham sandwich might carry.

The haulage that was promised, yesterday

All of this was foreseen. All of this was known. All of this was glossed over by the government.

I look forward very much to the inevitable news story of a Tory politician having a sandwich confiscated on a diplomatic trip to Europe.

The haulage that has actually happened, today

CommercialFleet.org has a good summary of some of the problems.

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